IRCC 3 – My journey starts today.

My camica and sottana/gown fabric and trims.

My camica and sottana/gown fabric and trims.

I have entered the IRCC 3, The Third Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge. April 14 to August 14, 2013. Tomorrow I may begin to put together my entry for this competition. I will use my blog to track my progress.

Baroness’ Largesse Challenge 2013

IMG_1280Ok Mordenvale – lets get our Largesse on. I am going to use my personal web blog to follow the progress of my Largesse Challenge to Mordenvale’s populace. I will be posting pictures here on a month to month basis to see if we reach the 10 newly hand made items per month challenge that I set. Good luck peeps!

The photo here shows the largesse that has been produced in other Baronies and given to me for use inĀ Mordenvale. There are calico beaded covers, silk embroidered linen coifs, silk needle books, jewelry galore. Beautiful craftsmanship and treasures each one of them.

Here is the link to follow our progress:

Invest over!

We are now Mordenvale’s 3rd Landed Baron and Baroness.
It was so hot and I was in my 5 layers of Venetian. Why??? I hear you ask. I had seen a gown in a portrait and vowed that I wanted to make that dress as my next big project. (See Completed Projects). When it was announced taht we were to be B & B I just knew I had to make it. We looked stunning – despite my shoulders not sitting properly (they had when I made the gown – not sure what happened). There was a funny moment when Ludwig stood on my train just like at our wedding. But in all it was lovely and we are having a ball as B & B. Still getting used to it all, but we will get there.



I have created this website and blog to keep track of information that is of interest to me in realtion to the SCA.

It is a catalogue of information that I find interesting, that I wish reproduce for my persona (or my husband or friends). As I begin and complete projects I will blog them to show progress and links to which I got the information. I will also show the research obtained and used to produce my persona.

This photo (left) shows my husband and I at a Viking event.


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